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What is Body Rock?

Body Rock Fitness Personal Training

Body Rock Fitness offers personal training sessions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

We offer both individual and group personal training sessions as well as a personal training and boot camp combo.

All clients receive a complimentary consultation to go over their fitness goals and how we can help them meet them. Clients receive their own workout log, beginning photos and measurements upon signing up.

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Body Rock Boot Camp in Coral Springs


Body Rock Boot Camp  is a different kind of boot camp. We focus on changing your idea of fitness using the greatest tool of all....YOUR BODY! It's time to break out of that gym rut and try something new. Your first class is FREE!!!

Our boot camps combine functional training with strength, endurance and agility exercises using little or no equipment. We tailor the classes to challenge EVERY fitness level with a non-militant approach.

All classes are taught by certified, nationally accredited instructors that are fully insured and have a passion for fitness.